Donald J. Cox

I'm the Apprentice of Draigsffau (although nowadays journeyman magician is more apt.) In addition to crystallizing a part of the mindset of Draigsffau through the wizard cycle, I've been Krys' cohort in many real-life wizardly adventures. My favorite avocation is seeking the realizable aspects of fantasy and bringing them to life to enrich and entertain.

I consider myself a scientist and philosopher, although one as we were taught in school, not the dogmatic kind. Finding reality too complicated, I have been settling for truths instead. Lately, I've been distracted by the entertaining, though crumbly, edge of science. Like any budding wizard worth his salt, I have an avid interest in electronics, wood and metalworking, chemistry, the natural basis of what we call magic, technology ancient to cutting edge and beyond, and a kiln just begging to get usedů I'm still weak in many of the arts, but that's why wizards are often greybeards, right?

I am the founder and leading light for Gadjetec, an electronic toy and costume prop development concern. I've worked with electronics for 25 years and am currently enjoying blowing up motor controllers in an R&D environment.

I am also an avid collector of off-beat videotapes, ranging from Wallace and Grommit tales to "Teenage Catgirls in Heat". I have an impressive collection of Science Fiction, being a second-generation aficionado, which I control with mixed success by not feeding it too often.

All this has created storage problems for which I have made full-room, free-standing shelving a specialty craft of mine, especially for the South Lab.

When not tinkering with contemporary tools, I've been found spending the season at the Roaring Dragon Press at Renaissance Faire, assisting visitors to print broadside sheets on the Gutenberg-style letterpress.

My short story "I Must Have Left My Wand In My Other Robe" is being produced as a small hand-made book through the Draigsffau Press.

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