Elsa Die Löwin

I'm the Doorkeeper of Draigsffau. I've contributed to the curriculum of the School of Wizardly Arts, to the Press, and a bit to the stories. Mostly I'm Chatelaine and sanity check.

Krys (my romantic alternate spelling, lifted from the Wizard stories) and I met in 1978 and have been very happily married since 1980. I've been a Mom since 1984 and a GrandMama since August of 2002.

It is a challenge to categorize my very integrated activities and interests.

I've loved to read since I first learned how.

I've been a Pagan since 1968 and a Witch since 1979, High Priestess of Circle Dragonmist since 1986. I founded Circle of Fools in 1990 and hosted it for 10 years. It has now been suceeded by Linking Circles. I've been reading tarot since Krys provoked me into learning back in 1978, but the runes only really sunk in in 1994. I can read astrological charts, but have not gone far in advanced study.

I am a credentialed Wiccan Elder through Covenant of the Goddess, and have served CoG at both local and national levels. I do some teaching, and some handfastings, and occasionally provide support in hospital or funeral situations.

I was first published as a writer in 1972, and am a contributor to Reclaiming's anthology, The Pagan Book of Living and Dying.

I have been a member of The Index, a Pagan networking group, since its founding and was a contributor to Razing the Stakes: the Newsletter of the Index from its inception in 1991 until its demise in 1997. I was editor from October of 1992 through February of 1996.

I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. I draw and paint in and on various media, have dabbled in sculpting with clay-type media and in pottery, jewelry making, wood carving, stained glass, soft sculpture, papier mache, etc... I come by it honestly, as my mother is a professional sculptor. My latest favorite art medium is the Web.

I enjoy designing all sorts of things: buildings, interiors, furniture, clothing, tools, books. Bringing these designs to fruition has varied - I'm not an AIA, so treehouses and pet houses are all the buildings I've manifested. I've been a period and fantasy costumer and custom clothier since 1977. Building furniture, often with Krys, has only occured since 1987 or so.

Though I don't think of myself as a musician, I am slowly (geologic time) learning to play the mandolin. My tastes in music match my Pagan tradition: Celtiphilic, Eclectic and Erisian. Some of my favorite musicians (besides my husband!) are Annwn, Amber Tide, and Robert Orr of the now defunct Fyne Companions.

I am also, in no particular order, a chocolate fiend, a college dropout but still an amateur scholar, a late driver (after kicking a 20 year long phobia), a feminist, an abuse survivor, and a lover of cats of all kinds. My house is cozy, messy, and frequently holds the aroma of good coffee. I am an absentminded gardener, but my roses bloom nonetheless.

If you feel a need to shower me with riches, check out my Portfolio Site, which includes my résumé. (Thank you!)

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