The Folk of Draigsffau

In some ways, Draigsffau is a state of mind, or rather, of a group of minds. It is a collaborative effort which would not exist without its folk. Links below give you glimpses into those minds.


Chris is the Wizard of Draigsffau and an all-around generalist.

Elsa is the Doorkeeper, Webmistress, and resident Artist.

Don is our Technical Wizard In Training, writer of amusing tales, and resident Toymaker.

Bill is helping to shape Destiny. He is also the composer of the famous "Silly Dragon" song.

Friends of Draigsffau

C Whitehorn is an extraordinary sculptor and Elsa's mom.

Clothos Monkeydancing is a costumer, game god, priestess, and a walking miracle.

Rowan Fairgrove is a Webmistress who has been on the Web since its early days, a Librarian (read Fount of Information), elder priestess, and a shining wit. Her site is mostly links to great resources.

Xavier Tavicoli is an inventor, an electronics wiz, and a Wobblie.

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