Christopher M. Albrecht

I'm the Wizard of Draigsffau. It's fair to say that nearly all of the curious projects aggregated under the Draigsffau banner are my brainchildren. Not that I didn't have help. It takes two to tango, and three for a menage.

In the stories of the Wizard Cycle, I'm the wizard Krys, otherwise known as Draig am Coedwig (Dragon of the Trees) who somehow manages to tolerate the misadventures of my bumbling apprentice.

I met Don in 1971 while we were in the ninth grade. We happened to be lab partners in a class called Introduction to the Physical Sciences, a blend of chemistry and physics that was as close as the high school came to an interdisciplinary course. One collaboration lead to another, and soon Don and I discovered common interests in science fiction, fantasy, music, and other delights of the mind.

Elsa and I met in 1978 and have been very happily married since 1980. Our immediate family now includes two young men, Robert and Adrian.

I learned to read at an improbably early age. In my case the family dyslexia didn't slow me down at all, but it did confer the ability to read upside down text with nearly equal facility, and later the ability to read the upside-down-and-backward text of hand-set type. I've been reading science fiction since the second grade. Nowadays, however, I'm equally likely to be reading a murder mystery, a programmer's reference manual, or a text in psychology or linguistics (doing research for the Destiny Project).

My hunger for knowledge can best be described as omnivorous. During the first two years of college, for example, my courses included the majors sequence for both physics and mathematics, history, literature, photography, music theory, jewelry and metalworking, horticulture, geology, and meteorology. In my third year, I added more math and physics, stained glass, economics, foil fencing, mediaeval music, aesthetics, art history, and Scottish literature. The fourth year (a bit more focused) included more history, Latin, Old English, mediaeval European literature, Celtic studies, and linguistics. I graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mediaeval Studies. Conspicuously absent (in retrospect) from my college coursework was any class on computers, programming, or digital anything.

Immediately upon graduation, I took employment with McDonnell Douglas Astronautics in the Computer Sciences department, quickly picking up FORTRAN, and later Jovial, C, and Ada. I've been designing, implementing, and managing the development of software ever since. Not in FORTRAN, though: my current language of choice is C++. Most of my professional and hobby programming has involved complex analysis of data, whether that be target discrimination based on radar signatures, image processing and analysis, visualization and testing of neural networks, or simulating human interactions in a gaming environment.

I am currently available for employment. If you wish to examine my professional qualifications, please check out my résumé.

Despite periodic attempts throughout my life to teach myself how to draw, my artistic strengths are in music (I play the violin, viola, and dulcimer), jewelry, stained glass, and woodworking. Woodworking seems to be a family talent: both my father and my brother are also gifted in that area.

Among my wife's vices, I share the taste for good coffee but not a love of cats. A lifelong interest in gardening and horticulture (thank you, Mother) fuels the continual transformation of the yard toward becoming a paradise of flowers and foliage, and ensures that Elsa's benign neglect doesn't kill the roses outright.

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