Byzantine Necklace

My very first chainmail effort, this is a necklace using the Byzantine chain pattern in Elsa's colors of green and silver. I suppose I could have started with something simpler, but I figured if I was going to spend a lot of time in the making of it, it ought to be beautiful when it was done.

Detail (while still in progress)

Byzantine Earrings with Pearl Inset

A set of earrings to match the earlier necklace with pearls strung through the middle.

Alena's Anklet

Another effort in the always-beautiful Byzantine chain pattern, this time an anklet in Alena's preferred colors.

Star Earrings in Elemental Colors

These earrings are the first examples of my own five-pointed adaptation of an (originally) six-pointed design. It was a nice bit of trigonometry to figure out how big the outer silver rings had to be to fit five of them around the outside of the central silver ring, given the gauge of the wire, etc. Once I'd figured out how to do that, I put the calculations into a spreadsheet so I wouldn't have to figure it out again (and could do it for any number of rings of any gauge). As you'll see the stars are a bit of a favorite around here and were used for several later projects

Star Pendants for Beth and Murtagh's Wedding

For Beth and Murtagh's wedding in December 2009, Elsa commissioned these pendants in their colors of red and silver, based on the star pattern I had developed earlier.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

These Christmas tree ornaments for my parents incorporate minor revisions to the star design. For variety, I made one star of each of the anodized colors available to me.

More Star Pendants

Yet more star pendants, for the children of family friends.

Chainmail Mantle

Two months in the making, using nearly every free minute I had, this mantle is composed of panels of the standard European 4-in-1 weave, stitched together so that the orientation of the rows gradually shifts around, and trimmed with a garland of 36 green and silver stars. The patterns for the panels were designed by Elsa to represent the cat and trees of her SCA device, and the dragon of mine. Both cat and dragon have glass beads attached to the rings for their eyes. The back is closed by a set of 16 lobster clasps.

Made of about 12,000 bright and anodized aluminum rings, the mantle weighs 1 pound, 7½ ounces.

Parrying Gauntlet (Glove)

Left-hand gauntlet. The shaping of this project proved to be my most difficult challenge yet. European 4-in-1, with half-Persian wrist closure and trim at the top edge.

A fingertip

Photo by Rhawnie Pino
(Viscountess Syele)
Photo by Rhawnie Pino
(Viscountess Syele)


Chokers I made during our June pilgrimage. The yellow and black one was given as one of the prizes for the Lioness Tournament in Peshastin, Washington.

Dragonscale Weave

A headband out of Dragonscale weave.

Photo by Larry Colen

Fire Necklace

Byzantine necklace for Amelia in fiery colors.

Anklet and Keychain

Anklet in turquoise and dark blue and keychain with belt loop in green and silver. Variations on the pattern used for chokers in June.