Ancient to Mediaeval Period Garments

Here are a few examples of earlier period garments I have made:

A satin Greek chiton with black and gold trim. The sleeves are formed by buttons and loops rather than pins in order to avoid hazards.
Fire and Water. His tunic and cloak were made for a Tolkien Fair, but are fairly generic 12th/13th century. The boots were also homemade, these of medium weight cowhide. The cudgel was found in a meadow near UCSC and lovingly sanded. Her tunic is more or less 12th century, with a timeless straight skirt and homemade elk boots and belt. The basket, by Carolyn Thoms, was purchased at South Faire.
This dear Tot, at three years old, had to attend a Mediaeval/ Renaissance wedding. The tights, cord belt, and "kung-fu" slippers were storebought. The tunic was 10th - 12th century style, of blue cotton with woven-in stripes of satin and matte.

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