Costumes and Sewing

We have been interested in various aspects of costumery for much of our lives. From dressing appropriately for our childhood fantasy play to participation in the Society for a Creative Anachronism and Renaissance Pleasure Faire, our costume sophistication grew.

The description of the Wizard Krys in "I Must Have Left My Wand In My Other Robe" puts him in the SCA costume that was Krys's first sewing effort.

Elsa was sewing entirely by hand from when she started in the SCA. She made five costumes in three years, including wedding clothes for Krys and herself. Don abetted the creation of dozens more costumes when he gave Elsa a sewing machine as a wedding present.

Of course, creating Halloween costumes for our kids have given us opportunities to explore the frontiers of our ability to bring ideas to fruition: pirate, parrot, banana slug and crayon have been some fun ones.

The range in period of garments has been from Ancient Greek to futuristic Space Alien, with Bronze Age Norse, Mediæval, Renaissance, Regency, and Victorian stops along the way. Several of these garments have been wedding dresses. Some have been ritual robes, from a simple hooded T-tunic in plain muslin, to elaborately trimmed, satin-lined raw silk, or fur-lined velvet. The categorizations are fuzzy, so if you don't find the sort of garment you're expecting on a particular page, try the others.

Occasionally we have ventured into the realm of soft-sculpture, creating stuffed animals and other oddments.

Here are links to some examples of her work over the years:
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