Fantasy Costumes

In the realm of fantasy costumes, I include Halloween outfits, garments for the kids' fantasy play, and costumes done just for fun.

Here are a few examples of fantasy clothes I have made:

Before the time told of in The Hobbit, Gandalf walked Middle Earth in company of others of the wizards. Here he converses with the blue wizard, Palando, who later went East with Alatar. Gandalf's tunic is fairly generic 12th/13th century style, of red cotton kettle-cloth. The fully-lined cloak has a drawstring to gather up the hood for wear, or to open flat for use as a blanket. Both pairs of boots were homemade of cowhide, designed based on information from The Make-It-Yourself Shoe Book by Christine Lewis-Clarke. Pallando's cloak is of the same design, but unlined, with a bias tape drawstring casing. His hat is a gathered no-wale corduroy muffin. The tunic has a square cut neckline. The cotton canvas breeches have a laced fly.
High fashion for the classic fantasy wizard calls for a dark purple velvet hooded robe with white fake-fur trim and gold and silver lamé spangles. Accenting the chest is the Draigsffau split-sun-and-moon image, surrounded by stars and planets. Shown loose here, the robe is equally impressive belted at the waist, with pouches, wands and tools dangling.
What are you going as for Halloween, they ask. I always go as a Witch. In this case, a Water priestess. The crescent crown was aluminum over card stock. The kilted shift is silver lame. A blue cotton skirt and striped chiffon belly-dancing veil complete the outfit. The lad on my hip was dressed for Ren Faire in a green velvet cap, cottton tunic, corduroy breeches, and purchased red tights and shoes. His great grandmother's parasol and kimomo were her own.October 1885.
This leather bodice is Fantasy wear, because leather was considered a peasant material, yet the patterning, workmanship, and metallic paint would have been out of reach for a peasant. I still adore it. The darling infant here in biggins and shift is the same person as the fine young man below. August 1989.
Harry Potter and Professor Minerva McGonegal of Hogwart's fame. Halloween 2000.
Harry's hat is as we purchased it. The broom is from the dime store, but custom painted and decoupaged with a label reading "Firebolt". His cloak of invisibility is of grey nylon with a black velvet tie cord. Under it is a Hogwarts robe, and under that are jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers. I am amazed at how difficult-to-find Harry's glasses frames are, even now.
McGonegal has the black academic robe worn by all at Hogwart's open over a draped Greek style gown, with a green cowl necked underdress for warmth against the autumn chill.

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