"Soft Sculptures" - Stuffed Animals

Here are some examples of toys I have made:

"Conrad" was a Yule gift for my husband's cousin. (What do you give to the Stanford Med School student who has everything? A turkey vulture, of course!)

He has bobble-button eyes, fine-wale corduroy head and feet, a leather beak, and black and brown no-wale cord body.

This fine example of bird-hood has been depicted at nearly life-size.

"Bernie" was an assignment for my Sculpture class. He's made of brown no-wale corduroy, with rhinestone button eyes and removable straight-pin fangs. His wings are held spread with a bit of coat-hanger wire, and he has thread loops to hang upright (as shown here) or up-side-down so his wings flop over his face. He measures about a foot in wingspan.

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