Regency, Victorian and Modern Garments

Here are some examples of recent historical period garments I have made:

This Victorian Afternoon Dress, made for Dickens Faire, was called "The Pink Bon Bon". The jacket was princess seamed front and back, with each section coming down to a point. The shiny stuff below the trim is satin fringe. Rather than making the blouse a seperate piece, sleeve ends and collar were attached directly to the jacket. The hat was of matching fabric, decorated with artificial flowers. The snood under it is crocheted of gray satin yarn.

I think of this as the Bon Bon's American twin. Made for a Civil war re-enactment participant, it had the same sort of trim, but also ruching over the princess seams up the front, around the shoulders, and down the back. The skirt was fuller, and worn with petticoats instead of hoops. The cap was her own.

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