Wedding Clothes

Wedding clothes have been some of the most satisfying and also exasperating of garments to make. Even in this era of "disposable marriages", the folks for whom I make these clothes want and expect that their weddings be once-in-a-lifetime events. That makes the details grow in importance, so that what would otherwise be considered minor problems loom large.

Several of the dresses have been period pieces, partly because the conception of a Traditional wedding dress has been of Victorian or earlier period. There's also that the people for whom I sew are often also interested in period costuming, which would affect the designs requested.

Here are some examples of wedding clothes I have made:

Abby, a ballet dancer, wanted a gown "like Cinderella". The skirt is cotton batiste-lined and 27 yards of tulle. Abby's bodice is of satin with appliqued pearl-encrusted trim and an attached necklace. Her tulip sleeves were edged with trim matching that on the veil, and her waistline is edged with a wider version of the trim.

Her veil is of sparkling chiffon, with pearl trim attached to the scooped lower edge.
Lydia's gown was ivory satin with peachy iridescent lace panels overlaid at the center of front and back. The belled oversleeves were of lace with tight satin undersleeves coming to points over her hands and edged with tiny pearls.
The bridesmaids' dresses were of light blue cotton with ivory satin sleeves, with lace panels inset at the outsides. They are in my usual "Faire shift" style, though these ones were made without the benefit of measurements.

This is a detail of Lydia's veil. It was 24" long in front, and a yard in back, the panels hemmed and gathered onto a wire underneath the flower wreath.

This photo was actually taken inside an army-surplus tent. To see this image and the original, side by side, check out the retouching page on my portfolio site.

Tish and Melissa's gowns were of lavendar cotton lawn with magenta and plum banding at all the openings. (The grey cloak on the left is also my work of the same design at Tish and Melissa's.) I did not make the wreaths.


Tish and Melissa's cloaks were reversable satin and wool, with a half circle drawstring casing that, when pulled in, forms the hood. Tish's was lavender/plum and Melissa's was sky/navy.
Beth's gown was essentially a Renaissance noble's dress, but with a much narrower skirt and no hoops. The aqua green color of the overskirt is also quite 20th century. I did not make Bart's great kilt.
Jess's dress and Michael's tunic were made of cotton velveteen with silver trim. They are vaguely 12th century in style. I didn't make the velvet cloaks.

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