A Place for Everything
This custom designed headboard has storage for short and tall books, CDs and clock-radio, telephone and hanky box, with bloodwood front drawers for eyeglasses, medications, dream journals and other small items. Built-in goose-neck lamps put light on one's book without disturbing one's bedmate. The backrest is padded with latex foam and has custom fitted flannel covers to coordinate with the bedding.
Breakfast in Bed

Also behind the pillows are slots for bed-trays. The center drawers contain cup-warmers to keep morning coffee hot through reading the whole newspaper.

More Drawers

Behind the backrest are more
drawers for less frequently
used items. The tall narrow
slot is perfect for storing

The central triangle of buttons below the slot and between the bottom drawers are touch-plate switches for the goose-neck lamps and for light inside the sliding door areas.

Sliding panels behind the pillows conceal storage for water bottles, telephone book, and other miscellanea.

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