Peter's Birthday Box 2004

This is a simple top view of the box. It is made of curly maple, with padauk framing on the lid and back hinge, and padauk accenting in the double dovetail joints.
This view better shows the fact that the sides were made of 1 piece of maple with a "wrapped around" effect. The hinge is wood, with a brass hinge-pin.
Here is another view of the double dovetail joints.
The inside corners of the box feature 1/4-round ebony posts.
The bottom is reinforced with mitred, 1/4 rounded strips of maple. The bottom panel was pieced because the box is wider than the original plank of maple. We wanted the prettiest wood to go on the top and sides.
We couldn't just give an empty box. This is a map made by Elsa, warning "Here there be Dragons!"

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