The Wizard Cycle

The Wizard Cycle is a collection composed of one story and about twenty story fragments written over the last 20-odd years. Some bits are by Don, others by Krys. Elsa has been trying to weave them together into a coherent whole, but, so far, has been losing the battle with entropy. Don's initial aim was to write original stories about the wizard, Krys, and his apprentice, Don, in a rich, fantasy style with a substantial humor component. In those days, before the rise of Robert Asprin and the like, humor in fantasy was nearly non-existent.

I Must Have Left My Wand In My Other Robe Written by Don in 1977, it's the first tale of of the Wizard Cycle, introducing the wizard and his bumbling apprentice, and illustrating the consequences of falling asleep while spell-casting.

At the Draigsffau School Don finds his way to the Draigsffau School of the Wizardly Arts.

Crowning Achievement The wizard's apprentice learns that mathematics and magic should be mixed carefully.

Reflections -or- A Tale of Two Wizards Then there was the time when our intrepid pair were press-ganged by some elves...

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