Gadjetec Gadjetec is a professional outlet for my mystical/magical design efforts. It differs from a "real" business in that I mostly accept work on ideas these days that I think are particularly cool that I manage to figure a neat way to implement, so I can get my creative energies into completing the project. For example, my Pulsar was made to slowly brighten and dim a light because it has a much higher coolness factor than a simple blinking light. As the director of engineering at my current job has said: "Coolness is an important product feature."


A sort of kangaroo rat lintball from mars with blinking eyes. Is it an alien ambassador or just a mutant dust rhino? You decide. Requires 9V battery.

Pulsar Ball

Palm-sized sphere seems to have a life of its own as it slowly pulsates with a glittering ethereal light of its own. Requires 9V battery.

Færie Lamp

A light against the unquiet darkness. Will begin to glow on its own whenever it is taken into the dark. Sturdy plexi and wood construction about 6" tall. Requires 9V battery.

Twinkling Tiara

Truly a crowning glory. Headpiece glitters with a dazzling array of stars. Requires 9V battery.

Pulsar Pendant

Enjoy the mesmerizing effect of this glowing piece of apparel whose energy flux slowly waxes and wanes. Requires 9V battery.

Wizard's Wand

Basic fairy godmother paraphernalia. Standard one cubit length for bestowing your blessings and curses "in a flash." Requires 4 AAA cells.

Mage Glove

Sturdy leather construction highlights this impressive half-gauntlet for the budding mage. As you slowly open your hand, your enemies will be treated to the magical power which issues from your palm and reaches a dazzling brightness. Requires 4 AA cells.

Tri-D Star Chart

Many of you are familiar with the constellations, but can you picture Sol in context with its neighbors as visitors would see us? Labeled buttons light up each star. Show the next extraterrestrial you're not a bad astrogator yourself. Requires 4 D cells.


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