Circle of Fools was an eclectic gathering of people interested in discussing Paganism and Witchcraft, and related subjects from Animism to Gardening to Tarot to the Zodiac. Elsa hosted it at her house for over 10 years, then it faded away due to tiredness and lack of interest.

Now Birch and the folks of the Sacred Grove have taken up the dropped threads and have rewoven them into Linking Circles.

Here's his announcement:

Beginning Wednesday NOV 8th [2000] at 7pm and then the 2nd and last Wed of each month after The Sacred Grove will be hosting a networking and organizing event we shall hence call "Linking Circles".
At 924 Soquel ave Santa Cruz ca

Linking Circles will be a time for Pagans to meet eachother in a safe comfortable environment in hopes that solitaires can meet groups, groups can meet groups, solitaires can meet solitaires etc.

Working in public Pagan places for a number of years now we have come to find that the Pagan community in Santa Cruz in much lager than most of us think, it is growing at an incredible rate and still verry disconected from eachother. We hope a space to organize will change that.

Here at the grove we have more class sign ups than we have teachers to handle. We are training quite alot of people here and we hope that we can present more options to students when they finish training than joining our groups.

Linking Circles will be a space for all groups to meet and organize and shall not be a recruiting platform and or controlled by any one group, epecially not our own. We will provide space, coffe, tea places to sit and people. We will be contacting everyone on our mailing list and every known (and some unknown) groups, covens and solitaires that our collective wills can come up with.

Your energy and attendance is encouraged and please spread the word...

Blessed Be!!
Birch Tree
Dept. of Water and Public Service

Sacred Grove - email
(831) 423-1949

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