A Few Philosophical Questions

(Just one or two, you know, just to get an idea...)

Why did humans evolve consciousness? Are other life-forms conscious as well? Why do you think that?

Is having consciousness the same as having a soul? What is the nature of a soul? Does it have an existence independent of a physical body?

What is the difference between the soul and the ego? What is the nature of the ego?

What is the source and purpose of chaos?

What do you think constitutes a religious experience? Have you ever had one?

Do you believe in the concept of sin? What constitutes sin?

Do good and evil exist? What are they?

Can good and evil manifest without human interference?

Do you personify good and evil? Why or why not?

Do you have a statement that you use as an ethical yardstick, such as the Golden Rule, the Wiccan Rede or the Buddhist Boddhisatva Vow?

Why would you act in an ethical fashion? Is there a difference between morals and ethics?

Is there a philosophy or religion that you subscribe to?

Do you have a sacred text to which you refer for guidance and comfort?

Do you make a distinction between your spirituality and reality? If so, why? If not, why not?

What would you consider to be proof that deity does or does not exist?

Is deity different from humanity? How? Why?

What do you think divinity consists of? Are you ready to achieve divinity? Do you want divinity? Why or why not?

If you believe in deity, do you consider Him/Her/It/Them to be Immanent? Transcendent? Both? Omniscient? Omnipotent? Benevolent? Malevolent? Temperamental? Psychotic?

Can deities die? Or be destroyed? Be revived?

What constitutes the nature of deity?

What do you think constitutes prayer? What do you consider to be the effect of prayer? Do you pray?

Do you believe in non-corporeal beings? Ghosts? Spirits? Angels? Fairies? Peri? Elves? Houri? Djinn? Elementals? Devis? Demons? Why or why not? How do you deal with them?

Do you believe in prophecy? Are you a prophet? What ramifications does this have for you?

What is the purpose of a priest/ess?

Have you ever changed a diaper? How did you feel about it?

Have you ever attended a birth? How did you feel?

Have you ever made funeral arrangements? How did you feel about it?

Have you ever tended a dead body? How did you feel about it?

How do you feel about making love? About having sex? Do you distinguish between lovemaking and sex? What makes them different?

What do you feel right now?

What is the reason for the existence of humor? How many periods are needed for an ellipsis? How many days does your period usually last? "Are you sure you are a human being and not a cabbage or something?"* "What is your name? What is your quest?"** What is your favorite color? "What is the flight speed of a laden swallow?"**

The preceding questions have been brought to you by the letters w, h and y, and the number pi.                               Version 1.2

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* Quotation from Principia Discordia by Malaclypse the Younger

** Quotation from Monty Python

© 1994, 1999 Elsa Die Löwin (with a nod to Catherine M. Younger)