Putting the Bride to Bed

by Cerridwyn am Coedwig
reprinted from RtS 5.2 - Brigid 1996

In my coven, we act out the Mystery of "Putting the Bride to Bed" during the Oimelc ritual.

We have a Brigid's Cross made of Shannon River rushes that we use as Bride's poppet. We dress Her up in a pretty white scarf by way of Her bridal gown, then set Her at the south quarter of the circle, since She's a fire goddess.

There are some that pair Her with the Dagda for this rite, but we note that He is Her father. Her myth states that She wed Bress, a Fomorian, in a political alliance with an unfortunate ending, but we don't get on well with Him, so instead we pair Her with Her consort, whom we see as a Horned One. She seems to get on well with Him.

A wand with the figure of a stag's head at the top is what we use for Her Consort's poppet. Him we set in the east, for the sense of rebirth we feel at this time of year.

The Priest and Priestess invoke Bride and the Horned One into the poppets, then pick up the Bride and Her Consort, bringing Them into the center to meet.

Side by side, They move to the west, to pledge the depth of Their love, then They are placed in a little bed under the altar in the north to Unite and bring the energy of Their union into the physical world.

We tuck them in lovingly, pulling the scarf blanket up, and state any wishes that need fertilization, then allow them privacy until the next morning.

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