A God Invocation

by Krys of Dragonmist

Invocations have long been passed around the Community, sometimes losing author's credit along the way, and sometimes inspiring rewrites that bear only passing resemblance to the originals. The invocation that follows is heavily based on the invocations written by Alan Acacia, published in The Spiral Dance. It was (re)written by Krys of Dragonmist for a handfasting at the request of the couple. Krys thanks Alan for the beautiful threads that have here been rewoven.

Horned God, lusty Lover, fierce with passion,
Join us here.

Loyal Son, caring Father, loving Brother,
Walk beside us.

Clear-sighted Dancer, Awakener of hearts,
Dance with us.

Woodland Fairy, wild and free,
Run with us.

Fleetfooted Hunter, crafty and wise,
Lend us Your skill.

Gentle Lord with untamed eyes,
Comfort us.

Orion, Herne, Osiris, Cernunnos, Pan,
Be here now.

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© 1986-2002 by Christopher M. Albrecht and Krys of Dragonmist.