Incantations are chants for spellwork that come after your invocations. They are your statement of intent, and provide focus and rhythm for the energy you're raising. They can be spoken firmly once, repeated a set number of times (3 is a popular number) or repeated continuously through a task, event, or time (such as the length of your walk from house to bus stop) or whatever.

I'm not a big fan of banishings or purifications being used routinely, but prefer to use them when there's something that needs to be cleaned up. When I hit a rough patch a couple of years ago, I found that having incantations to chant while walking, showering, or loading the dishwasher really helped.

Larry Savercool was an interesting guy who headed a special education institute. He also studied psychic stuff. He taught me these first two chants in 1972 when I was 13 years old. The institute was New Age before New Age came to mean high priced 'spiritual masters' with no understanding of starlight vision. I've reworded the second chant a bit so that the meaning is clearer.

Bring down, intensify, around me a pillar of white light.
Let the light flow in, through, and around me.
Let nothing enter the light
Except that which is of the light.

He is of the Gods
As I am of the Gods
May we do that which will bring peace
And harmony between us.

This third chant is from Morning Glory when she put a protection on me for hitchhiking to San Francisco in 1979.

I am surrounded by a pillar of white light.
Nothing can do me harm.

The first part this chant is by my Craft Mother, Elizabeth Rose, composed in 1982 for a house cleansing, the second part I wrote more recently.

Creatures of anger, frustration and fear,
You are no more. Begone from here.
Spirits of love and fulfillment draw near,
Please come to us. Be welcome here.

I came up with this pair in March of '96 to use to clear up misunderstandings. The first is especially effective when chanted as you shower:

Let clarity there be
Between her and me,
All misunderstanding wash away.
Let us tell truth as truth we see,
With harm to none So mote it be.

Let that which is mine
Be recognized as mine.
Let that which is not mine
Be separated from me.

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