Quarter Invocations for a Handfasting

by Krys of Dragonmist for the handfasting of Teela and Dave

Shaper of the wave!
Shaper of the land!
Shaper of our lives!
Your bring freshness to the spring,
Warm winds to summer,
Cool breezes to autumn,
Violent storms to winter.
Yours is freedom, flux.
The wind blows where it will.
The sky is your playground, and the rules are different each day.
Bearer of news, Blow through us, swift and clean.
Bringer of Change, Be our Witness.

Leap high!
Shine bright,
Source of light and inspiration!
You are sparks flashing from a blacksmith's forge
and the terrible swift lightning slashing through darkened skies.
You are the roaring flames of the forest fire
and the comfortable warmth of the hearth.
You are the steady nuclear furnace of the sun
and the flame of the candle, flickering in the wind.
You are the crucible of transformation
and the flash of creativity.
You are Love and Light.
Persistent, yet fragile;
Eternal, yet fleeting;
Ever hungry, ever feeding.
Giver of Passion and Pain, Be our Witness.

Soft snow.
Pattering rain.
Hard ice.
Still pond.
Silent well.
Tinkling fountain.
Nimble creek.
Bubbling stream.
Rushing river.
Raging flood.
Restless ocean.
Glistening rainbow.
You are the bright sunlit shoals
and the silent deeps that no storm may touch.
From your womb was life first born.
Currents of water,
Currents of life,
Cleansing all,
Healing all,
May you never cease to flow.
Sustainer of Life, Be our Witness.

The richness of soil.
The permanence of stone.
The glitter of crystal.
The orange glow of lava.
The swift grains of sand.
Yours is the tranquility of green sunlit valleys
and the sudden violence of earthquake and volcano.
From your being we draw endurance and strength.
From your bounty we gather our food.
Nestled in your arms we build our homes.
Secure in your love we build our lives. Together.
Mother of mountains, Be our Witness.

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© 1984-2002 by Christopher M. Albrecht and Krys of Dragonmist.