Pagan Spirituality

While all of us within Draigsffau might concede to recognizing that the Universe is alive, we vary considerably as to whether we think the Universe is conscious, intelligent, divine, and benevolent. At one end of the spectrum is Don, who will scamper behind an enormous Agnostic label, and at the other is Elsa, whose primary identification is as a Witch and who claims to talk to Fairies.

Recognition that the Universe is alive and divine, and particularly that the Earth is divine, are the bases for Paganism. We use the word in both its oldest and most recent meaning, "Nature worshipper". By Witch, we mean a member of the neo-Pagan religion of Witchcraft. Elsa's quick definition is that "Witches worship Mother Earth."

With our coven, Circle Dragonmist, we celebrated the solar and lunar cycles for 16 years. The coven dissolved during the Winter of 2002.

Our membership in Covenant of the Goddess is active, as both Krys and Elsa have held office in the Northern California Local Council, and Elsa has served as National Membership Officer. Our primary reason for being in CoG is for the excuse to visit the wonderful people. We have met many friends through CoG, including Rowan Fairgrove and Sowing Circle.

Elsa hosted Circle of Fools, a Pagan discussion group, for 10 years before laying it to rest. It has now been revived as Linking Circles at The Sacred Grove in Santa Cruz.

Elsa teaches the Craft and, when asked, sometimes presides at handfastings and memorials for others in the community.

Paganism and Witchcraft Resources

There are numerous resources on the web for basic information about Paganism and Witchcraft as you can see below, so we won't re-invent the wheel here. We do have a few in-site resources, particularly Elsa's questionnaires and articles from Razing the Stakes.

Covenant of the Goddess has an excellent page defining Witchcraft.

The Witches' Voice is Wren and Fritz's labor of love, a muli-thousand page site. To say that they offer many useful articles and links is to say that the ocean has some water in it.

The Index has been revived by its founder, Constance DeBinero. At this point it's a web site. She says, "The Index is still a Pagan Network for and by Pagans in the Santa Cruz/Central Coast/SF Bay Area offering listings of events, groups, individuals, classes, and Pagan-oriented shops."

The Bay Area Pagan Assemblies provides services for Pagans in the San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay areas. Their page begins with a good definition of "Pagan".

Pagan Path is listed in my bookmark file as "Tons of Pagan and Witchcraft Links"

The Encyclopedia Mythica is wonderful! Who was the lad that told Demeter where Persophone had gone?

Green Egg was once the biggest of the Pagan magazines. It is no longer published, but back issues are worth reading if you can find them.

The New Reformed Order Of the Golden Dawn (NROOGD) holds sabbats in the San Francisco East Bay (Berkeley) area.

Fans of Starhawk's books will want to look up Reclaiming.

Ár nDraíocht Féin is a neo-Druid organization founded by Isaac Bonewits, author of the classic Real Magic.

The Pagan Federation is a mostly European, mostly in the UK association of Pagans. The folk with whom I've communicated have been kind and helpful.

Witches' Anti-Defamation League helps people who are facing religious discrimination as Witches.

CoG has an Associates program for people who wish to affiliate with CoG but are not ready to become members.

Stepchild Coven's site has many excellent resources. They are a CoG member coven.

Ecclasia has an extensive training program. They are very lineage and structure oriented, good for folks who need that. They are a CoG member coven.

Lady Bridget of Witch & Famous Coven started with a good booklist and now has resources for herbology, meadmaking, songs, and rituals. Witch & Famous is a CoG member coven.

The folk of Nightpath are interested in astronomy as well as earth stewardship. Gaia's Oasis is their Pagan retreat.

Principia Discordia is the Sacred Text of modern Erisians. Goddess Knotwork has more Erisian stuff, including an obnoxious auto-reload.

The folks in Clan McDude may not think themselves as Pagan, or even particularly spiritual, yet I think of them as Erisians of a different stripe (or is that tartan?).

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