Through the dense Dragonmist, the doorkeeper of Draigsffau looked excitedly at her callers, " The Wizards are here now, and await you in the Council chambers..."

Welcome to Draigsffau, our household, home, and haven for our diverse areas of endeavor.

Draigsffau (Welsh for "Dragon's Lair") originated more than twenty years ago in the minds of Chris and Don, friends since high school. Elsa joined in the dreaming and making of Draigsffau after she and Chris fell in love at UC Santa Cruz in 1978, having met at a College of St. David SCA event.

From a vague mixture of interests in electronic gadgetry, fantasy works such as those by Tolkien, Bellairs, Brunner and LeGuin, technologies both ancient and modern, the mechanics of genuine Magic, and its associated Arts, Draigsffau has grown to encompass The Draigsffau School of the Wizardly Arts, a curriculum for Generalist Education and Wizardly studies, the Draigsffau Press, a small publishing house, and a cycle of stories known to our friends as the Wizard Cycle.

We are building this site for our family, friends, and associates, current and potential. In it we hope to share some of our thoughts and resources. We are a bookish bunch, with a decidedly intellectual slant on life. If this appeals to you, please feel free to explore our projects and interests. Perhaps we have more in common than you know. There is a site map for your convenience.

New With Us

January 2010

Just in time for 12th night, Elsa finished new costumes for both herself and Christopher, while Christopher presented her with a garland of 36 green and silver chainmail stars. Alena celebrated her birthday and started to work on qualifying for MediCal so that she can get the medications she needs. Christopher surrendered his job as exchequer for the local branch of the SCA, freeing him to spend more time on the Great Chainmail Mantle Project. Elsa's elbow continued to give her trouble, so her fencing activities were greatly reduced. The situation was exacerbated when she was rear-ended in an auto accident, resulting in persistent back and knee pain.

February 2010

Thanks to a series of Chiropractic appointments, Elsa's back and knee pain are in abatement. Elsa was able to attend the War Collegium on the 6th, and has resumed her teaching assistantship for her mentor's fencing class in Davis, even teaching one session by herself when the regular teacher had to be out of town. The same absence obligated her to manage her mentor's sale table at DunDraCon, a Dungeons and Dragons oriented gaming convention in San Ramon on the 12th to 15th. Adrian kept her company for the duration, at least, that's the way it was supposed to be. Adrian couldn't resist game-mastering a couple of pick-up games, so was often absent from the sale table. Christopher kept Elsa company at the table on Saturday and Sunday, giving him plenty of time to continue working on the Great Chainmail Mantle Project. As a consequence, the mantle was finished ahead of schedule, and made its public debut at a dinner party on the 24th.Christopher and Elsa celebrated 32 years of being in love all month long, culminating on their meeting day anniversary on the 25th.

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Contacting the Denizens of Draigsffau

If you wish, you may drop us a line, either to Elsa, Chris, Don, or Alena.

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